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REpair development: Minor and Major (DER)

Send ’em, we’ll fix ’em


RWR has a great reputation: go into any screen room, take almost any mechanical component and return it in serviceable condition. 

RWR is able to develop minor repairs and major (DER) repairs. RWR has the skills and expertise to save the parts that would have normally been scrapped. Numerous parts have been salvaged by RWR, considerably reducing the maintenance costs. This salvation relies on the technical advanced repair methods of RWR, their particular mix of workmanship, installed tools, productivity and strategic alliances. For documents we can rely on our library OEM overhaul manuals, service bulletins, manufacturing drawings and previously designed Major Repairs.

Next to cost savings, salvation and life time extension is a major trend for durability and ecological reasons. As such, RWR can be considered a frontrunner in the industry.
All repairs are in accordance with RWR FAA-approved Engineering Standards Manual. Repairs determined to be “major” are accomplished using data authorized through the company’s Designated Engineering Representatives (DER’s).

Repair development examples :
CSD/IDG housing
End housing
Generator housing
Housing 1
Housing 2
Housing 3
Input housing
Output housing 1
Output housing 2
Transmission drive
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