R.W. Raddatz, Inc.
280 SW 12 Ave.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
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Manufacturing capability


RWR manufactures all kinds of mechanical parts; such as special equipment, tools, fixtures, gages and custom parts to customer specifications.

  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Nanotechnology
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and Gas

Projects vary from dental inserts to large U.S. Navy research projects/buoys for wave studies. 
The general limitation would typically be the size of 3’x4’x3’. Anything that fits in that 3 foot cube can be produced, no matter how complex it will be in structure and materials, or tolerance.
We develop and manufacture fixtures, gages, tooling, custom parts and PMA parts.

Charly - Project           (General)
Cordis - Project           (Medical)
Pallet - Project            (General)
ACM shafts                 (Aviation)
Westinghouse - Project (Nuclear)

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