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P/n 733554 A very difficult salvage, but we made it                    Customer Quote

Question of the customer:
Can you please inform me about the status of p/n 733554 we sent in for pilot diameter. We are in very urgent need for this housing. AOG is imminent.

We have been expediting our efforts to salvage the housing. Originally, the housing was sent for just the pilot-diameter repair. We quickly realized there were major problems with this housing. In addition to the pilot diameter being way off location, I am listing the other problems below. The first decision we made was to proceed with the plasma repair rather than a weld repair. This housing, because of its shape and type of alloy, is very susceptible to distortion. Unfortunately, the plasma repair becomes difficult and we are on our second effort. If there is even the slightest problem at the interface of the plasma and the magnesium, bond strength and adherence becomes an issue. It did.

In addition:
1. Helicoils are damaged.
2. Pin height of .344" +/- .015 was .306" in one place and .315 in another.
3. There were nicks and gouges in the match-line surface (appeared to be screwdriver pry marks). These required light welding and Repair #1.
4. The mating surface is to be flat w/n .002 but it was closer to .003 inch exclusive of nicks and indentations.
5. Corrosion on the stator bolt pads was excessive and had to be addressed.
6. Within Repair #2 (pg. 601-605), the liner location of 2.6477 was 2.6499 out-of-tolerance and required repair.
7. Repair #10 (pg. 601-604)
A. Scavenge pump bore was fretted.
B. Sandstrom coating was incomplete.
C. The 1.5938 to 1.5945 diameter was tapered out-of-tolerance.
8. Flag Note 5 (pg. 601-605), Repair #2. The 8.125 +/- .001 was 8.1207. The bearing liner pulled out! Also, there was a plugged oil return slot.
9. Flag Note 1, Repair #1. The 4.996 min. is 4.9943 on bearing liners in two places. The liners easily pulled out!
10. Flag Note 15, Repair #2 bearing liner. The 2.1649 +. 0007/-.0000 was 2.1666 and out-of-round .0039"
11. The pilot diameter was worn and way off center.
12. Stress corrosion and stress cracks (small) were evident and had to be repaired.

We are hopeful the plasma bond is good this time. Assuming this to be, we will be proceeding through Saturday and Sunday with repairs. I think we will be able to ship Tuesday or Wednesday. This has been a difficult housing to save especially when we started with instructions, it was just the pilot diameter.



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